World-class residences in the heart of Lisbon.

A pocket of tranquility, breathing new life into the centre of the city.

Our vision

Combining the finest aspects of contemporary design and modern living, Lumino is set to revitalise and reconnect Campo Pequeno.

Our development will create a new facet to the neighbourhood – elegant apartments situated around a lush green courtyard, streets full of new life, and a road reconnecting the area to the rest of the city.

Designed to complement and enhance the surrounding scenery, Lumino will blend beautifully into the neighbourhood, making it feel as if it has always been there.

The Residences
Lumino Lisbon, Campo Pequeno Front View
Lumino Lisbon, Campo Pequeno Pool
Lumino Lisbon, Campo Pequeno Courtyard

The location

A contemporary community where artisan baristas and craft breweries sit amongst classic Lisbon cafes – the thriving art scene and live music found in Campo Pequeno make it a cultural hub in one of Europe’s most vibrant cities.

Lisbon Places
Lumino Lisbon, Campo Pequeno
Lisbon River View

A sophisticated symbol of a quintessential Lisbon lifestyle.

The development

Lumino will be a sophisticated symbol of the contemporary Lisbon lifestyle that evolves, expands and elevates the neighbourhood for a new era.

About Lumino

Connect to the world

Lumino’s central location means you are connected to all of Lisbon, and beyond.


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